... and it can be a damn lonely, crafty marathon with many many rewrites ...

... that doesn't mean that your story won't be told.

Let us help you:


Want to tell your story but not sure how to write it down? Better in  other things than in intruiging storytelling?

No time to write it down? No patience to write a whole book?
We offer professional GHOSTWRITING by an award-winning author to get your story out there. 

Self-publish your story or take our advice on how to approach publishers - it's your choice.

We can also create a fabulous cover for you! And we make amazing short book trailers! 
Contact us to talk about prices & make an appointment for one or more recording sessions. 

Bookteaser + Booktrailer


... to reach more readers &

promote your literary gem visually: 

animated book cover  |  short teaser as seen below  |  incl. 1 life action scene from your book

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