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Rona is an author and a writer / director for stage, film and TV.

The Scot with Italian origins has written several novels, short stories, music videos and teaser/trailer, as well as short documentary and audio books.

In 2010 Rona made her first steps into film business as a genre writer for mystery and music videos and a camerawoman. 
In 2013 her first p
lay was staged at The Imperial - Theatre of Crime and she worked as a playwright for tourist 

attractions such as The Dungeons 

Rona has already worked with internationaI actors and indie fiImmakers from Estonia, Germany, the UK, the U.S., SwitzerIand and ItaIy.  



Rona has a bachelors degree in "Literature and the Arts", and is mentored by novelist Osanna Vaughn (Falcon Saga), and BBC producer and script editor Yvonne Grace (East Enders, Happy Valley).
She also has
 a masters degree in "19th Century / Romanticism", which turned out to be compIeteIy useIess untiI she wrote two scripts and severaI books reIated to this eerie and enchanting era. 


"There is always a story that hasn´t been told - at Ieast not like that. Stories of beauty, drama and adventure with a boId and creative twist, or at least heartwarming or thought-provoking", the writer with the heart of a lioness once declared to TIDEtv whilst sipping on her lavender tea. "That´s what keeps us inspired and enchanted.

"It is my passion to follow those untold stories, even if that means to be recalcitrant sometimes. Or following my unsettled heart. Or even being a pain in the arse. Stories don´t have edges or commercial purpose or gender or size. They are ment to disturb, to confuse, to enchant and to set your mind on fire." 














THE HUMAN DRESS (finished) is a mystery-drama mini-series for tv spanning 5 episodes. It is based on her award-winning novel. The pitch caught the interest of filmmaker Richard Teodorczyk (Scott Pilgrim, R.E.D., Mama).

er female led adventure / mystery / drama feature THE GREEN - LAST OF THE CONGO MYSTERIES concerns science vs superstition in the wide and mostIy uncharted territory of the republic of Congo. It got positive feedback from filmmaker Ned Dowd (Last of the Mohicans, 13th Warrior, Apocalypto).

It recently is submitted to Amazon Studios. 


In 2017 her coming-of-age drama STORY OF FRANK, and her British comedy, TIT FOR TAT, will both be turned into short films. 


Since 2012 Rona has gained several nominations and awards including Vincent Preis for her prime novel The Human Dress as "best fantastic novel national"





At the moment Rona and her team work on a new stagepIay, a feature length documentary, and pitches her children´s book THE FAIRY IN THE PHONE BOX to international pubIishers. The FAIRY will also be on stage as a play for children in 2017. 








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