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Rona is a writer/director for stage, film and TV and an award-winning author.

The Scot with Italian origins is writing and directing music videos, short films, documentaries and audio books. She also worked for tourist attractions such as The Dungeons and still is attached to various theatres.


In 2010 she made her first step into film business as a genre writer for period drama (what else is there to do with a degree in English literature?) and as a cinematographer and indie producer for singer/songwriters. 
In 2013 her first play was staged at The Imperial - Theatre of Crime and was followed by a modern Version of Frankenstein and Strangers Today Sisters Tomorrow, an African play with actresses from The Lion King - The Musical.

She works with internationaI actors and indie fiImmakers from Estonia, Germany, the UK, the U.S., SwitzerIand and ItaIy. 




Worst case now is that I will be look back on my life one day and say, "well, I never made it as an insanely successful filmmaker but I had a great time doing something cool."

(interview TIDEtv 2016)




THE HUMAN DRESS is a mystery drama tv-mini-series in 5 episodes, based on my award-winning novel. The pitch caught the interest of filmmaker Richard Teodorczyk (Scott Pilgrim, R.E.D., Mama).

Adventure / mystery / drama feature THE GREEN - LAST OF THE CONGO MYSTERIES tells a survival story about science vs superstition in the wide and mostIy uncharted territory of the Republic of Congo. It got positive feedback from filmmaker Ned Dowd (Last of the Mohicans, 13th Warrior, Apocalypto), and is recently submitted to Amazon Studios.

pitch video following soon 








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We are currentIy Iooking for a children´s book pubIisher to make our Fairy fly. Find out more here
















A Scottish scary tale that will chill your spine. Are you brave enought to find out more then click HERE

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