Rona is a multi-award-winning author and novelist  with experience in  storytelling of all sorts since 2010. In 2013 her critically acclaimed psychological horror novel, THE HUMAN DRESS (1st edition published as 'Kaltgeschminkt' in Germany)  won the VINCENT PREIS as 'best horror novel national'.  In 2016 the novel was successfully staged with the Imperial Theatre ('Morticians On Stage'). The new book edition of THE HUMAN DRESS will be published in its original English language in 2020.


Rona's multi faceted horror stories and film scripts are published in many anthologies all over the world. 

Originally from the Isle of Skye the former ballet dancer and work-and-travel bookseller is of Italian, German, and Czech ancestry. Rona has master degrees in 'English Literature, History and The Arts' and 'Social Sciences : 19th Century Romanticism'. 


She gained experience in ghostwriting by putting a German psychology book and personal biographies for private clients on the page. Rona writes in English and German, she also wrote for clients such as HaZine Fashion Online Magazine, Deep Silver Fish Labs, STAGE and The Dungeons.

Rona also translated Jonathan Green's successful first volume of Pax Britannia  - Unnatural History into German language. 


To experience her filmmaking website go straight to SERENITY film productions