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picture by Rockahontas KB


Rona is a writer/director for stage, film and TV and an award-winning author.

The Scot with Germand and Italian origins is writing and directing music videos, short films, documentaries and audio books. She also worked for tourist attractions such as The Dungeons and is attached to various theatres.


In 2010 she made her first step into film business as a genre writer for period drama (not much thrilling is there to do with a degree in English literature) and as a cinematographer and indie producer for singer/songwriters. 
In 2013 her first play was staged at The Imperial - Theatre of Crime and was followed by a modern Version of Frankenstein and the African play Strangers Today Sisters Tomorrow, wich involved two main actresses from The Lion King - The Musical.


Rona creates shows, plays, documentaries, image film and currently writes her first tv show with internationaI actors and indie fiImmakers from all over the world. 




Growing up in the barren nothingness of the Isle of Skye three year old Rona wanted to become a professional ballet dancer. Later the Scot with German, Czech and Italian ancestries visited a private school for housekeeping, became a work-and-traveling bookseller instead (8 years, 8 countries). 

She also worked as a part-timecallcenter agent, a coordinator and playwright at tourist attraction The Dungeon, a text editor for fashion online zines, a ghostwriter, a freelance translator for Jonathan Green, and as a barmaid in Irish Pubs.


In 2014 she decided to become a certificated master of literature and the arts, and specialised in the subject 19th Century & Romanticism


These usually "useless" degrees turned out to be helpful for writing period specs and books set in this eerie & enchanting era. She is mentored by bestselling novelist Osanna Vaughn (Falcon Saga), and BBC script doctor Yvonne Grace (East Enders, Happy Valley).


Among several nominations and awards Ronas prime novel The Human Dress gained German Fantasy/SciFi/Horror award Vincent Preis in 2012 as "best fantastic novel from a newcoming writer". Many of her short stories and novels have been nominated or turned into short films such as Hunting Snowwhite or  Story Of Frank


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