The Human Dress

mystery /// thriller /// fantasy 


An arch-realist has to solve terrifying incidents on the

mysterious Isle of Skye to save his  life and his sanity. 



"Thrilling, black humorous and with truly eerie fairies

a classic British horror story meets Modern Mystery.

As once Anne Radcliffe, Rona Walter characterizes the gothic

novel with its own style and therefore clearly stands out 

from already known works of the same genre."

- fiction fantasy - 



"Not bowing to the mainstream her writing is 

exceedingly eloquent." 

- Markus Heitz, bestselling-author of "The Dwarfes" - 




"This truly creepy story f*cks with your head."

 -  Maddie Holiday von Stark (The Wicked Library) - 


                                                                                                                   - WGA registration number : 1801987 - 

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pitch video / teaser trailer 

written & directed by Rona Walter

edited by Elisabeth Brawn-Cromme


on stage theatre teaser


animated fanvideos by Lee Harral

text by: Rona Walter

cut, editing & vioce: Lee Harral

music: Colin Lacativa

© all rights reserved 




* German book award for emerging writers in fantasy and horror fiction. 

We are currentIy Iooking for a children´´ s book publisher to make our Fairy fly. Find out more here
















A Scottish scary tale that will chill your spine and twist your world of thought. Are you brave enought to find out more then click HERE. "A gloomy gem" The Wicked Library.