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actor and voice actor Markus Sabel ("HellBoy", "Sherlock Holmes & Co", "Captain Future")  will give his voice to my Victorian gentleman Kenneth in aduIt audio drama MIDNIGHT SIN written for MidnightSeagullMedia. 

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                                                          EPISODE #5 - Rona Walter

                                      "NO, I DON`T DO ROM-COM, DEAR" 


Award-winning writer/director, Rona Walter, joins us to talk about her influences, 90’s horror and funny experiences on set.

CINECHILL is a film-making podcast to stick on whilst waiting for your latest epic project to render. Long enough to enjoy a coffee but short enough that you won’t get fired. 

Each show will feature artists at different stages of their career, bursting with passion and great information.  The aim is to have conversations with writers, directors, sound designers, composers, cinematographers, actors, visual effect artists, to name a few.  All at different levels, from entry level newcomers to seasoned pros at the top of their game. We will talk about lots of subjects, everything from influences, how they got started, creative processes and tips for you to learn from.  CINECHILL is for people who are passionate about film.


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EPISODE # 511 - Rona Walter

                                                                "JUST LIKE GRANDPA"


"Hello Kiddies! This week for the mid season finale, we have author Rona Walter! Rona has a short, yet mighty short work in Just Like Grandpa. Rona is a novelist and filmmaker and she is really really good. She is just badass. 

Also, pick up the first CD from Nelson's band Novus, music by Kevin MacLeod and Colin Lacativa, Theme by Tony Rowsick." 



+++ GERMAN /// GERMAN +++ GERMAN /// GERMAN +++ times 3 +++ 



                                               SPECIAL #6 - Rona Walter

                                                 LIVE PUB READING & EXCERPT FROM STAGE PLAY 




Life Pub-Lesung aus dem preis-ausgezeichneten Roman "Kaltgeschminkt" /// life pub reading from the award-winning novel The Human Dress. Sponsored by Interlektüre. 

youtube-live-lesung der deutschen Version von "Just like Grandpa".  Exkusiv: "Genau wie Opa", der schottische Familienfluch. 

youtube-reading: the German version of nominated short "Just like Grandpa", a Scottish tale of a nasty family curse. 



Black Sweet Stories, ein kosten - aber nicht jugendfreier Podcast. Über den Buchmarkt, Filme machen vs Bücher schreiben, und wie es ist als weibliche Autorin aus der Sicht eines Kerls zu schreiben ... Plus : Mitschnitt der Bühneninszenierung von "Morticians On Stage" im Imperial - Theatre of Crime. ///

r-rated podcast with artists from the darker side. This time UK-author and award-winner Rona Walter talks about books vs. scripts and how to write from the POV of a bloke when you are a true lady. Plus: Vive-excerpt from the stageplay "Morticians On Stage" (Imperial Theatre). 


picture: (c) Katja Harms

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A Scottish scary tale that will chill your spine and twist your world of thought. Are you brave enought to find out more then click HERE. "A gloomy gem" The Wicked Library.