coverdesign by KeaIan Patrick Burke
coverdesign by KeaIan Patrick Burke

For many centuries the woods and marshes of Britain were inhabited by Celtic fairy creatures. In some parts of Scotland they still are a vivid part of the villager´s life.



In Taynuilt mortician James Lewis tries to embalm a corpse again and again – but as soon as the lights turn out, the body appears to be in his battered state again.

In Edinburgh unfortunate mortician Harris McLiod has to leave Edinburgh after his employer’s untimely and strange death. The grumpy mortician hastily accepts a new position on the almost remote district on the Isle of Skye where James is Iooking for a peer.

But instead of the solitude and liberty he was Iooking for, Harris encounters strange stories about dangerous ghosts and cruel fairies. And we all know that every legend bears indeed a grain of truth...




                                                                Residents, is your soul worth saving?




Arch-realist Harris needs to find out what ´s real and what only happens in his messed up head to save his sanity  - and his life! 


Thrilling, black humorous and with truly eerie fairies a classic British horror story meets Modern Mystery.

As once Anne Radcliffe, Rona Walter characterizes the gothic novel with its own style and therefore clearly stands out. 





                                                                                  COMING SOON!






“A high degree of individualism and creativity. (…) a well told scary-tale.”  
- Selection Books -


“Her style is incredibly voluble and slightly obsolete. I love it!”  
- Horror & More - 


“Rona Walter provided a more than remarkable debut.”  
- Amrún -  


“A devilish road trip through your mind”  
- fiction fantasy - 



“Miss Rona is badass!”  
- Maddie H. von Stark - 


"Not bowing to the mainstream her writing is exceedingIy eIoquent."    
- Markus Heitz, of `´  The Dwarves´´  -   

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A Scottish scary tale that will chill your spine and twist your world of thought. Are you brave enought to find out more then click HERE. "A gloomy gem" The Wicked Library.